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Our Team

We at Ngati Kahu Hauora value you and your family/whanau health and well-being.  We want to make sure we provide you with the best health care possible.

Call or visit our friendly team of doctors, nurse practitioner, practice nurses, and practice administrators.

Operations Manager

Ruakapua Bristowe


EDI: Tewhareh

General Practitioners
Dr Dave Offner

Dr Dave Offner

Dr David Offner    NZMC No: 16770

Dr Claire Isham

Dr Claire Isham

Dr Claire Isham    NZMC No: 26237


Michelle Stewart

Nurse Practitioners

Brenda Smith

Clinical Lead

Robyn Wichman

Practice Nurses

Danica Turner

Krystal Masoe

Hauora Assistant

Miriama Simmonds

Practice Administrators

Pauline Murray

Kerri Natana

Casstra Ratima

Claudine Stuart

COVID coordinator

Cheri Parkinson