Health Services

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Kaupapa Maori Alcohol and Drug Services (AOD)

Provide an outpatient based alcohol and drug assessment, treatment and consultation/liaison service within a kaupapa Maori framework.

Alcohol and Drug Counsellor: Wiripo Brown (DAPAANZ Registered)

Alcohol and Drug Counsellor: Fred Hika (DAPAANZ Registered)

Intensive Drink Drive Programme

A ten week programme supporting recidivist drink drivers.

Programme Presenters: Wiripo Brown and Fred Hika

Administrator: Roman Nicholas

Koroua and Kuia Support Service

Positive intervention for this age group can help to introduce healthier lifestyles and changed habits, enhancing positive social and functional activities of Koroua and Kuia.

Co-ordinator: Judy Harpur

Whanau ora Support Service

A Maori Community Health service providing a range of general health, education/promotion, advisory, liaison and co-ordinating activities.

  • Management of Asthma/CORD
  • Management of Diabetes
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Sexual Health Issues
  • Smoking/Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Prevention of and screening for Breast/Cervical Cancer
  • Hearing Loss
  • Fitness/Mobility
  • Immunisation/Disease Prevention
  • Child Injury Prevention
  • Maternity Care
  • Contraception/Family Planning
  • Advocacy
  • WINZ
  • Housing Support

Whanau Ora Support Service Co-ordinator: Kirsten Clarke-Tipuna

BVQI Accreditation Programme

Scope of Supply – ISO 9001:2008 Whanau Ora Support Services, Kaupapa Alchohol and Other Drug Services and Koroua / Kuia Support Services.